53 Grade Cement

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Nagarjuna OPC 53 Grade Cement
Nagarjuna 53 Grade
Rs.380 – Rs.390/ Bag
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Chettinad OPC 53 Grade Cement
Chettinad 53 Grade
Rs.445 – Rs.455/ Bag
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Maha OPC 53 Grade Cement
Maha 53 Grade
Rs.370 – Rs.380/ Bag
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Priya OPC 53 Grade Cement
Priya 53 Grade
Rs.390 – Rs.400/ Bag
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Penna OPC 53 Grade Cement
Penna 53 Grade
Rs.375 – Rs.385/ Bag
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Birla A1 OPC 53 Grade Cement
Birla A1 53 Grade
Rs.400 – Rs.410/ Bag
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Birla OPC 53 Grade Cement
Birla Shakti 53
Rs.400 – Rs.410/ Bag
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Dalmia OPC 53 Grade Cement
Dalmia 53 Grade
Rs.400 – Rs.410/ Bag
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Ramco OPC 53 Grade Cement
Ramco 53 Grade
Rs.430 – Rs.440/ Bag
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Coromandel OPC 53 Grade
Coromandel 53
Rs.420 – Rs.430/ Bag
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Zuari Primo OPC 53 Grade Cement
Zuari Primo 53
Rs.430 – Rs.440/ Bag
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Bharathi OPC 53 Grade Cement
Bharathi 53 Grade
Rs.410 – Rs.420/ Bag
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ACC OPC 53 Grade Cement
ACC OPC 53 Grade
Rs.430 – Rs.440/ Bag
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Note: Prices updated on March 22nd, 2022. The above prices are subjective. For the latest 53 Grade cement prices call us: 9741 00 44 66

What is OPC 53 Grade Cement?

53 Grade cement is an ordinary portland cement that obtains 53 Mpa (Megapascal) or 53 N/mm2 in 28 days of setting. When compared to OPC 43 Grade cement, it has a much faster setting time. The IS code for 53 Grade cement is IS: 8112.

Where can we use 53 Grade cement?

Since it has faster setting time, 53 grade cement is mainly used for RCC (Reinforced concrete), PCC work and also in Pre-stressed concrete of higher grades.

Which are the OPC 53 Grade brands that are available?

At buildmaadi.com, all major 53 Grade brands are available like ACC cement, Birla Super 53 grade, Zuari primo, Bharathi, Chettinad, Coromandel King, Ramco cement, Dalmia, Penna, Priya, Nagarjuna cement and many more.

Now you can buy 53 Grade cement online from Buildmaadi.com at the lowest prices. To place an order, drop us a line here or call us at 9741 00 44 66.

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