Fe 500D Grade TMT Steel

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BMM Fe 500D Grade TMT
BMM Fe 500D Grade TMT
Rs.65,000 – Rs.66,000/ Ton
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Pulkit Fe 500D TMT Steel
Pulkit Fe 500D Grade TMT
Rs.66,000 – Rs.67,000/ Ton
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Jindal Fe 500D Grade TMT Steel
Jindal Fe 500D Grade TMT
Rs.75,000 – Rs.76,000/ Ton
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Kamachi Fe 500 Grade TMT Steel
Kamachi Fe 500D Grade
Rs.72,000 – Rs.73,000/ Ton
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TATA Tiscon steel
TATA Tiscon Fe 500D
Rs.76,000 – Rs.77,000/ Ton
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Note: Prices updated on 8th December 2023. Above mentioned prices are subjective. For the latest Fe500D TMT steel rates, call us: 9741 00 44 66

What is Fe 500D grade steel?

Fe 500D grade steel is one of the TMT steel that is used for construction purposes. Here ‘Fe’ is the chemical symbol of Iron and 500 is the minimum yield stress (N/mm2) and D stands for the ductility of the Tmt rod.

What is the difference between Fe500 and Fe500D steel?

Physical propertiesFe 500 GradeFe 500D Grade
0.2 % proof stress/ Yield stress N/m2500500D
Elongation %12%16%
Tensile strength8 % more than the actual 0.2 percent proof stress or yield stress but not less than 545.0 N/m210 % more than the actual 0.2 percent proof stress or yield stress but not less than 565.0 N/m2

Even though the YTS ratio remains the same for both, the elongation percentage varies i.e., higher the elongation % the better will be the ability of the TMT steel to perform in extreme conditions. 

Chemical ConstituentFe 500Fe 500D
Carbon constitute (%max)0.300.25
Sulphur constitute (%max)0.0550.040
Phosphorous (%max)0.0550.040
Sulphur + Phosphorous (% max)0.1050..075

Reduction in carbon content improves the weld-ability property of the steel, while the reduced impure contents of phosphorous & sulphur make the TMT rods more tough and ductile. 

You can learn more about the differences in this article: Read here.

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