PSC Cement – Portland Slag Cement

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Buy JSW Portland Slag Cement Online
JSW PSC Cement
Rs.360 – 380/Bag
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Buy Penna Portland Slag Cement Online
Penna PSC Cement
Rs.340 – 350/Bag
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Buy Maha Portland Slag Cement Online
Maha PSC Cement
Rs.340 – 350/Bag
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Note: Prices updated on 8th December, 2021. Above mentioned prices are subjective. For the latest PSC Grade cement prices call us: 9741 00 44 66

What is the full form of PSC Cement?

‘Portland slag cement’ is the full form PSC cement.

How is PSC cement manufactured?

PSC cement is a blended cement and manufactured by using cement clinkers, gypsum, granulated slag and ordinary portland cement . IS code: 455

Where is PSC cement used?

PSC cement can be used in all type of constructions like mass concrete works, water retaining structures, marine constructions etc.

What are the advantages of Portland slag cement?

Psc cement provides excellent resistance to chloride and sulphate attacks, superior finishing and also minimizes the shrinkage cracks too.