Returns Policy

Firstly, we would like to thank you for making a purchase from We really strive hard to procure you superior quality building materials, however, if you are not satisfied with your purchase from us, we’re here to help you.

What materials can be returned?

All building materials like Cement bags, TMT Steel rods, Coarse Aggregates, Bricks and Blocks can be returned.

When can be it returned?

  • Returns can only be accepted before unloading of the materials at the site. (Thus we recommend checking the quality or quantity materials before unloading)
  • If the material varies/ do not match with ordered item specifications.
  • Any packaged materials are tampered.
  • If any materials that does not meet the quality affirmed/declared by the manufacturer.

In what conditions can the materials be returned?

  • Before unloading of the materials (Stands true for all materials/ product type). Once the material is unloaded, the material cannot be returned/ exchanged.
  • Packaged materials can be returned only when the seal/ bag/ package is not tampered/ opened/ used.

Can the ordered materials be exchanged?

  • Any ordered material which is in-transit to the delivery location cannot be exchanged. However, if the material does not match the ordered item specifications, then exchange can be initiated before material unloading.
  • Order exchange can take anywhere within 3 – 6 days to be delivered.
  • If the customer requests to change the order (with respect to brand, quantity, any other specification), such order exchange can be initiated within 4 – 6 hrs of order placement only and not after order dispatch.

Can the ordered items be cancelled?

  • Ordered material can be cancelled only if it satisfies the above stated conditions.
  • Cancellation is possible only if the ordered material is not dispatched from the manufacturer/ vendor unit.
  • Ordered materials cannot be cancelled if the material is already in-transit/ after reaching the delivery location.

Refund for the returned order:

If the order is cancelled/ returned with respect to the above given statements and the manufacturer/ vendor fails to procure a replacement for that order, then the customer is liable to get a full refund of the amount paid.

Shipping cost of returned items:

  • If the order is returned with regard to above stated reasons then the shipping charges will be borne by the vendor/ manufacturer only.
  • Once the order is in in-transit/ reached the delivery location and then the order is been returned/ cancelled by the customer without any genuine reason (which is not mentioned in the above statement), the shipping charges will be levied upon the customer.

How to initiate a return?

To return an order, please contact our shipping team at 9741 00 44 77 or mail us at In case of order exchange, please contact us on 9741 00 44 66 or mail at .

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