43 Grade Cement

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Chettinad OPC 43 Grade  Cement
Chettinad 43 Grade
Rs.445 – Rs.455/ Bag
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Maha OPC 43 Grade Cement
Maha OPC 43 Grade
Rs.370 – Rs.380/ Bag
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Penna OPC 43 Grade Cement
Penna 43 Grade
Rs.375 – Rs.385/ Bag
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Birla A1 OPC 43 Grade
Birla A1 43 Grade
Rs.400 – Rs.410/ Bag
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Birla Shakti OPC 43 Grade
Birla Shakti 43
Rs.400 – Rs.410/ Bag
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Dalmia OPC 43 Grade Cement
Dalmia 43 Grade
Rs.400 – Rs.410/ Bag
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Ramco OPC 43 Grade Cement
Ramco 43 Grade
Rs.430 – Rs.440/ Bag
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Coromandel OPC 43 Grade Cement
Coromandel 43
Rs.420 – Rs.430/ Bag
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Buy Zuari 43 Grade Cement
Zuari OPC 43 Grade
Rs.430 – Rs.440/ Bag
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Bharathi OPC 43 Grade Cement
Bharathi 43 Grade
Rs.410 – Rs.420/ Bag
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Note: Prices updated on 22nd March 2022. The above prices are subjective. For the latest 43 Grade prices call us: 9741 00 44 66

What is 43 Grade cement?

43 Grade cement is an ordinary portland cement which obtains the compression strength of 43 Mpa within the 28 days of setting. When compared to 53 Grade cement, this takes more time for concrete setting, however with time the strength of the concrete increases.

Where can we use 43 Grade cement?

43 Grade cement is mainly used for wall plastering and non-rcc structures, where fast initial setting is not required.

How many types of OPC Cement are available?

Depending on the compression strength and initial setting time, Ordinary portland cement or OPC cement is available in three different grades i.e., 33 Opc Grade, 43 Opc Grade & 53 Opc Grade, and their strength is measured using Megapascal (Mpa) or Newton per millimeter square (N/mm2).

Which are the best OPC 43 Grade Cement Brands available?

At buildmaadi.com, we supply all major brands of Opc or ordinary portland cement in and around Bengaluru, like Coromandel, Birla A1, Birla Shakthi, Dalmia, Priya, Ramco, Maha, Zuari cement, Bharathi and Chettinad cement.

We ensure to provide you the best market rates available. Order now for hassle free delivery and also avail exciting discounts.