PPC Grade Cement

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ACC Suraksha Power PPC Grade Cement
ACC Suraksha PPC
Rs.440 – Rs.450/ Bag
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Bharathi PPC Grade Cement
Bharathi PPC Grade
Rs.400 – Rs.410/ Bag
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Zuari PPC Grade Cement
Zuari PPC Grade
Rs.420 – Rs.430/ Bag
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Coromandel PPC
Rs.410- Rs.420/ Bag
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Dalmia PPC Grade Cement
Dalmia PPC Grade
Rs.390 – Rs.400/ Bag
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Birla Shakthi PPC Grade Cement
Birla Shakthi PPC
Rs.390 – Rs.400/ Bag
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Birla A1 PPC Grade Cement
Birla A1 PPC
Rs.390 – Rs.400/ Bag
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Penna PPC Grade Cement
Penna PPC Grade
Rs.365 – Rs.375/ Bag
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Priya PPC Grade Cement
Priya PPC Grade
Rs.380 – Rs.390/ Bag
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Maha PPC Grade Cement
Maha PPC Grade
Rs.360 – Rs.370/ Bag
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Chettinad PPC Grade Cement
Chettinad PPC
Rs.425 – Rs.435/ Bag
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Nagarjuna PPC Grade Cement
Nagarjuna PPC
Rs.370 – Rs.380/ Bag
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Note: Prices updated on 22nd March 2022. Above mentioned prices are subjective. For the latest PPC Grade cement prices call us: 9741 00 44 66

What is PPC cement?

Portland Pozzolana cement is the full form of PPC cement. This cement contains pozzolanic materials (10 – 30%) along with OPC clinker and gypsum.

Where is PPC cement used?

PPC cement is highly resistant to suphate attacks, so it is widely used in marine constructions, dams, reservoirs, building foundations.

What is difference between OPC and PPC cement?

OPC CementPPC Cement
Full form:Ordinary portland cementPortland pozzolana cement
Constituents:Contains limestone, gypsum, silica, clinkersContains pozzolanic materials (Volcanic ash, fly ash), OPC, gypsum
Grade:33 Grade, 43 Grade and 53 GradeOnly PPC Grade
Used for:General construction work Marine constructions, buildings near seashores, dams etc
Setting time: Fast setting (28 days: 43/53 Mpa)Slow setting (28 days: 33 Mpa)
Strength:Greater strength during the initial days of curing due to faster setting time.The strength is not equivalent to OPC grade initially, but with slow curing time it gains strength more than OPC grade.
Cost:Opc costs morePPC costs less

What are PPC brands available?

At buildmaadi.com, all major PPC cement brands are available like ACC Suraksha PPC, Bharathi PPC, Coromandel PPC, Dalmia PPC, Zuari PPC, Birla Shakthi PPC, Birla A1 PPC, Penna, Priya PPC, Maha, Chettinad PPC grade cement, and many more. Call us at 9741 00 44 66 to place an order or just drop us a line here and we will get back to you soon.