Fe 500 Grade TMT Steel Rods

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VRKP Fe 500 Grade TMT Steel
VRKP Fe 500 Grade TMT
Rs.68,000 – Rs.69,000/ Ton
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RD Fe 500 Grade TMT Steel
RD Fe 500 Grade TMT
Rs.67,500 – Rs.68,500/ Ton
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Kay 2 Fe 500 Grade TMT Steel
Kay 2 Fe 500 Grade TMT
Rs.68,000 – 70,000/ Ton
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Kamdhenu Fe 500 Grade TMT
Kamdhenu Fe 500 Grade
Rs.71,000 – Rs.72,000/ Ton
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Sunvik Fe 500 Grade Steel
Sunvik Fe 500 Grade TMT
Rs.70,000 – Rs.71,000/ Ton
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Primegold Fe 500 Grade TMT Steel
PrimeGold Fe 500 Grade
Rs.70,000 – Rs.71,000/ Ton
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SK Super fe 500 Grade TMT
Sk Super Fe 500 Grade
Rs.69,000 – 70,000/ Ton
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Kamachi Fe 500 Grade TMT Steel
Kamachi Fe 500 Grade
Rs.80,000 – Rs.81,000/ Ton
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Vizag Fe 500 Grad TMT Steel
Vizag Fe 500 Grade TMT
Rs. 81,000 – Rs.82,000/ Ton
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Sail Fe 500 TMT Steel
Sail Fe 500 Grade TMT
Rs.81,000 – Rs.82,000
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Note: Steel prices were updated on 6th March 2023. The above prices are subjective. For the latest Fe500 grade TMT steel price, call us: 9741 00 44 66

What is Fe 500 Grade TMT?

Fe 500 is one of the TMT steel grades that is used for construction. Here ‘Fe’ means for Iron and ‘500’ is the minimum yield stress in N/mm2.

Fe-500 Grade tmt steel is highly used for residential construction purposes.

Which are the Tmt steel brands available in Bangalore?

Tmt steel rods are available in many brands. Some of the renowned brands that are supplied in Bangalore are JSW steel, TATA Tiscon, Jindal steel, Aone steel, SAIL Tmt, Vizag steel, Kamachi Tmt steel, Indus steel, prime gold steel, Sunvik tmt steel, Turbo steel, president TMT steel, VRKP, BMM steel, Sk Super TMT, Kamdhenu Tmt and much more.

Where to buy Fe 500 grade tmt steel rods in Banglore?

There are many retail tmt steel dealers and suppliers in Bangalore. You can also buy tmt steel online from buildmaadi.com, we supply all major brands of fe 500 grade tmt steel in and around Bangalore, at a competitive price.

If you are looking for superior quality tmt steel, call us at 9741 00 44 66 to place an order or drop us line here & we will get back to you.