Fe 500 vs Fe 500D Grade Steel

What is the difference between Fe500 and Fe500D Grade TMT steel? Which one is better?

Whenever you purchase TMT steel rods for your construction, I am pretty sure that you would have noticed the word ‘Fe 500’ or ‘Fe 500D’ mentioned after the brand name. 

BMM TMT steel
Ever wondered what does this represent or signify?

Well, it represents the Grade of the TMT steel rod i.e., the strength of the steel is defined by its grade. Higher the grade of the steel the stronger it will be.

To be more precise, the ‘Fe’ represents the chemical name of iron while the number ‘500 or 550 or 600’ measures the minimum stress yield in N/mand finally the letter ‘D’ signifies the ductility of the steel.

Note: Currently TMT Steel bars are available in five different grades i.e., Fe-415, Fe-500, Fe-500D, Fe-550 and Fe-600. 

So what is difference between Fe 500 and Fe 500D Grade TMT steel?

Fe 500 slightly differs from Fe 500D Grade in both its physical and chemical properties. 

PropertyFe 500Fe 500D
0.2 % proof stress/ Yield stress N/m2 500500
Elongation percentage 12%16%
Tensile strength 8 percent more than the actual 0.2 percent proof stress/ yield stress but not less than 545.0 N/m2 10 percent more than the actual 0.2 percent proof stress/ yield stress but not less than 565.0 N/m2

Even though the YTS ratio remains the same for both, the elongation percentage varies i.e., higher the elongation % the better will be the ability of the TMT steel to perform in extreme conditions. 

ConstituentFe 500Fe 500D
Carbon (%max) 0.300.25
Sulphur (%max) 0.055 0.040
Phosphorous (%max) 0.055 0.040
S+P (%max) 0.105 0.075

Reduction in carbon content improves the weld-ability property of the steel, while the reduced impure contents of phosphorous & sulphur make the TMT rods more tough and ductile. 

So, Which is a better Fe 500 Grade TMT or Fe 500D Grade TMT?

From the above two tables we have clearly understood the basic difference between the two grades of steel, and from these observations we can easily state the Fe 500D Grade TMT steel is better performing than Fe 500 Grade.

What makes 500D a better steel is its higher resistance to super seismic activities like earthquake and its lower levels of carbon ensure easier & better welder-ability. 

Hope our article as helped you understand the difference between the Fe 500 and 500D grade steel and also know which is better for your construction.

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