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Are you looking for the best tmt bars for your house construction? Here is list of major tmt steel brands which is the first choice many builders.

When we started the construction of our home, just like many other first time home builders out there, even we came across a lot of questions, confusions & doubts when purchasing TMT steel bars like –  Which is the best quality tmt steel? How many types of steel are there? Which is the type of tmt bar suits best for my house? How many steel brands are available? Where do I buy these materials? How much will it cost per ton? and many more. 

After a lot of research, we came down to 5 important things that should be considered before buying any tmt steel.

  • Types of TMT steel Bar: Tmt bars/ rods are basically manufactured using raw iron ores or recycled steel/ iron billets. The rods which are manufactured using mined iron ores are called ‘Primary steel’, while the tmt rods produced using recycled steel is called ‘Secondary steel’.
  Primary steel is also known as 'Virgin steel', while secondary steel is known as 'Re-rolled steel' 
  • Grade of the TMT steel: TMT steel bars are available in 5 different grades i.e., Fe- 415, Fe- 500, Fe- 500D, Fe- 550 and Fe- 600 grade. It should be noted that these grades define the strength of the steel bar i.e., higher the grade of the steel the stronger it will be.  For house construction we recommend you to use 500 or 500D Grade steel.
  • Corrosion resistance of steel bars: The moisture & corrosion resistant property of tmt bar is one of the major thing that needs to be noted while buying tmt bars.
  • Flexibility of the TMT rods: Higher the degree of rod flexibilty, more will be its stress withstanding capability. Lower flexibility of the rod results in cracks along the rod while bending. Ensure to buy tmt rods with higher flexibility. 
  • Elongation of TMT bars: The elongation property determines the ductile strength of a tmt bar. Higher the elongation number better the quality of steel. 

So keeping all the above factors in mind, we have listed down few brands which adhere to all these parameters and have always been the first choice of home builders.

  1. SAIL: Being the India’s largest steel maker, SAIL is a primary steel. It costs around Rs.46,500 – Rs.47,000/ Ton
  2. TATA Tiscon: With superior ductility, tata tiscon is also a primary steel. It costs around Rs.51,500 – 52,500/ Ton
  3. Kamachi Steel: Kamachi tmt is the preferred choice of engineers and bar benders because of its excellent elongation & re-bending properties. It costs around Rs.47,500 – Rs.48,500/ Ton
  4. JSW Neosteel Fe 500D: Leading primary steel producer in India, JSW provides the highest level of purity. It costs around Rs.48,500 – Rs.49,500/ Ton
  5. Indus TMT Steel: It is one of the very few brands which manufacturers Fe-555 grade. It costs around Rs.49,500 – Rs.50,500/ Ton
  6. Primegold Steel: Manufactured using iron billets & with the help of TEMPACORE technology, Primegold steel is a secondary steel. It costs around Rs.45,500 – Rs.46,500/ Ton
Note: The prices displayed here may change with the market. For accurate prices please contact us. 

Hope our article has helped you to know which tmt steel to choose for your residential house construction. However the next big question is, where can you find all these tmt steel brands at best marker rate? 

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