Cement vs Concrete

What is the difference between cement and concrete? Which one should you use?

Whenever we meet home builders, very often we get to hear the words ‘cement’ and ‘concrete’ in our conversations. And people who are new to construction industry, do use these words periodically without knowing the actual difference between them.

So in this article, we have decided to decipher the basic differences of these two words.

Cement vs Concrete – What is it that you should know!

To put it in one simple sentence, cement is the basic ingredient of concrete, that’s it! Sounds too simple right?

Apparently concrete is nothing but a mixture of cement paste (cement when mixed with water forms paste), aggregates like sand, jelly stones and other admixtures/ adhesives. Concrete is the end product of all these mixtures, which is later used in the construction majorly for foundation laying and wall moulding.

This concrete when used will solidify with time gaining strength and durability thus providing superior strength to the structure. Ready mix concrete is also available in the market which reduces the labour time and energy.

Now that you have learnt the basic differences between cement and concrete, we recommend you to use 53 Grade OPC cement in the preparation of concrete mixture.

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