How many rods are in 8 mm bundle? | Number of TMT rods in a bundle

TMT Diameter (Approx weight/ Rod)Number of Rods in a bundle
8 mm (1 Rod = 4.7 Kg)10 Rods
10 mm (1 Rod = 7.4 Kg)7 Rods
12 mm (1 Rod = 10.6 Kg)5 Rods
16 mm (1 Rod = 18.9 Kg)3 Rods
20 mm (1 Rod = 29.6 Kg)2 Rods
25 mm (1 Rod = 46.3 Kg)1 Rod
32 mm (1 Rod = 75.7 Kg)1 Rod
Note: Weight mentioned here is of approximate value.

How to calculate the weight of one bundle?

You can calculate the weight of one bundle by multiplying the rod weight with the number of rods i.e., Weight of a TMT Rod x Number of rods in a bundle = Weight of the bundle.

Example: One rod of 8mm TMT steel weighs 4.7 kgs, and the number of rods in an 8mm bundle is 10, therefore 4.7 kgs multiplied with 10 gives you 47 Kgs, which is the bundle weight.

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