What is the weight and volume of cement in India?

We all already know the pivotal role of cement in any kind of construction. And when it comes to the quantity, we tend to buy cement in terms of ‘Bags‘.

However, have you ever wondered how much does a bag of cement weigh? Or what is the volume of a cement bag?

In this article, we will learn about how much does a cement bag weigh, it’s volume, specific gravity & more!

i) Weight of 1 cement bag50 Kgs
ii) 20 bags of cement weighs1000 Kgs or 1 Ton
iii) Volume of 1 cement bag in Litres34.4722 Litres
iv) Volume of 1 cement bag in Cubic Feet1.226 CFt
v) Volume of 1 cement bag in Meter cube0.034722 m3
vi) Quantity for 1 Cubic Feet of cement40 Kg
vii) Quantity for 1 Meter cube of cement28.8 Bags
viii) Density of loose cement 1440 kg/m
ix) Specific Gravity of cement3.15
x) Grades of cement (OPC)33, 43 & 53 (N/mm2)

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